Pure Condition

Pure Condition

$ 18.00

FYI, you're gonna LOVE our conditioner

We were inspired to create the conditioner we couldn't find: one that wouldn't weigh your hair down but was hydrating enough to detangle long hair and deeply moisturize dry, colored or keratin-treated hair

We did it! Our sulfate, paraben and gluten-free formula is balanced with super-hydrating proteins to moisturize, untangle and condition your hair without adding weight. It leaves your hair feeling silky and unbelieveably fresh and light.

How To Use: After shampooing, squeeze out excess moisture and massage a liberal amount through to tips. **for deep conditioning: let penetrate for a few minutes (maybe while you're shaving with our yummy marshmallow body wash!) Rinse well with cool or cold water. 

Stylist tip: For double the conditioning on super-dry hair, wet hair and apply before shampooing, then rinse, shampoo and condition again. It really makes a difference!

Recommended for all hair typesAvailable in salon and travel size.

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