Why Mist Is A MUST!

During the winter months, we know hydration is key for healthy hair and skin. But, did you know it's just as important to hydrate from the outside in, as it is to stay hydrated from the inside?

The truth is, the outer layer of our hair and skin become dry, brittle and lose elasticity when exposed to dry heat and cold hair. The solution? A super hydrating mist!

 Our 'On The Fly' replenishing pomegranate, green tea and cucumber-infused elixir 'Face It' Hydrating Hair & Face Mist instantly combats dryness, adds shine to your hair and a naturally dewy glow to your skin.

On the skin: Face It soothes, heals and replenishes moisture and pro anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits. On bare skin, spray liberally all over for instant hydration; after applying makeup, mist entire face lightly for a no-powder finish and a healthy glow.

On the hair: Eliminate static and frizz instantly by adding moisture; our face and hair mist smooths down fly-aways and plumps up strands for softer, shinier, healthier looking (and feeling!) hair.

We're so sure we'll make a believer out of you, we'll include a complimentary 'Face It' Mist with every purchase, now through Feb 11! 

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