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Instant Replay Dry Shampoo
Instant Replay Dry Shampoo
Instant Replay Dry Shampoo

Instant Replay Dry Shampoo

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 "WOW. Picked this up in the airport in case I wasn't able to shampoo my hair while travelling and was very pleasantly surprised - it gave me lots of volume, made my hair look good and smells great. I'm a fan." 
 "THE BEST ONE! I'm a dry shampooaholic and I've tried every one on the market. This is the best yet, really refreshing with no powdery look." 
Try our specially blended formula for a perfect finish every time.
  • Refreshes hair, extends style and makes your blowout really last
  • Adds light volume and texture
  • Removes oils and lightly fragrances hair
  • It's paraben, sulfate and sodium chloride-free. Plus, gluten-free certified vegan Yay!

How to use: Spray liberally through the roots, then brush through thoroughly or lightly blow dry to refresh original style.

Stylist Tip: Use before blow drying on damp hair to extend blowout and add light volume or at night before bed for fresher morning hair that's sleepover-ready.  For extreme volume and texture, try our Altitude Volume | Texture Spray.

Great for all hair types.

Available in a 3 oz. tsa-approved travel size.


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