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Beauty Balm
Beauty Balm
Beauty Balm
Beauty Balm
Beauty Balm

Beauty Balm

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 "TOSS YOUR OTHER LEAVE INS! I love the Beauty Balm. It makes my hair SO perfect, silky and soft." 

Our best-selling miracle hair elixir was voted 2018's 'The Beauty Shortlist' best leave-in hair balm.

Here's why:

  • It's lightweight and effective. Use before blow drying for a silky, smooth, and clean feeling blowout.
  • It instantly adds shine and eliminates flyaways and frizz. Use a few drops anytime to smooth and polish your look.
  • It's an awesome next-day saver so you don't have to re-wash; just apply liberally to smooth bedhead, seal ends and add shine for a just blown-out look.
  • It makes other product s work better - really! Use as a primer before serums and balms for better, long lasting results.

 How to use: Apply to damp hair before blow drying, or anytime on dry hair to smooth, refresh and eliminate frizz and flyaways.

 Recommended for all hair types. 

Available in salon and travel size.

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