Marshmallow Creme Hair & Body Wash

Marshmallow Creme Hair & Body Wash

$ 18.00

OK, this is a really interesting product...It's our original Creme Cleanser, reimagined:

Our Styling team wanted to create a luxurious sulfate, paraben & sodium chloride-free body wash so we'd be healthy head-to-toe, and then discovered it's awesome for certain hair types too. 

If your hair is high-lift blonded, very dry, over-processed or keratin treated, you need this: the truth is, it's the sodium chloride, not the sulfates, that are super-bad for these hair types.'s an awesome shave creme and smells amazingly yummy too!

How to use: Gently massage a palm-sized dollop through hair or over body, then rinse well with cool water.

Stylist Tip: Use instead of shampoo to heal dry, damaged hair or protect keratin-treated hair. 

For dry, processed and keratin treated hair, and all body types. Available in salon and travel size.

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