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Three Reasons Why Your Shampoo Shouldn't Lather

And why you seriously need to move away from those that do.   For the past year or so, we at Flygirl have been consciously moving away from hi- lather, hi-sulfate shampoos, in an effort to keep our hair  healthier. Not surprisingly, we've found that we don't miss them at all.  Once we got over being so used to big, soapy bubbles, we realized it was just that - the soapiness - that was drying out and dulling our hair. Consider how your skin feels when you wash your face with soap vs. a rich, creamy cleanser - you know the tight, dry feeling soap leaves behind. It's exactly the same with your hair.    Here are the reasons we're sure we'll never go back to...

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6 hair hacks for perfectly healthy looking hair

1. Use a sodium chloride free wash:  Creme conditioning washes like our Creme Cleanser deep condition as they cleanse, removing impurities without stripping & extending the life of keratin & color treatment. Use only sodium free cleansers on dry, over-processed hair; alternate with regular shampoo of normal to slightly dry hair. 2. Use a leave-in overnight: Work a light serum or leave-in conditioner (we love Flygirls' Instant Beauty Balm) through your hair before bedtime, and wake up with refreshed, revitalized hair. Using a light conditioner instead of serum means you won't have to shampoo the next morning, just re-style & go! 3. Take care of your scalp:                                      ...

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Flygirl Beauty Brand featured on; how to control hair static

Hair Static 101: What Causes It, How To Prevent It And How To Fix It  Hair static creeps up on you when you least expect it and leaves you looking like you just put your finger in an electrical outlet. If you’ve always wondered what’s to blame for hair static, look no further than a cold, dry winter and a lack of moisturizing products to tackle the problem before it starts.  “Static electricity in the hair is caused by a few main factors,” says  Lisa Abbey, founder and CEO of Flygirl Beauty Brand, a new travel hair care collection. “First, low humidity in the air is a main factor, which is why it’s so common in fall and winter or...

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