Trending Now... Awesome Beach Hair!

Try these great summer beach-hair hacks to look fabulous seaside:

hack #1 

Work a little leave-in conditioner or texture creme thru your hair, then plait in a braid before swimming. Your hair will absorb just enough sea salt for texture, but not enough to dry it out. Let your hair completely dry in the braid, then loosen it and shake out hair or run fingers through lightly for awesome textured beach waves!

Not going in the water? No problem, just use your sunscreen as a hair oil - apply to sections and twist; when dry it accentuates natural curl and creates soft beach waves.

hack #2

Keep a texturizing beach spray in your cooler and spritz throughout hair whenever you get too hot - it will coat the hair to keep frizz away and add smooth beachy texture.

hack #3

Work thru a palmful of texture creme and pull up into a loose topknot, letting a few strands fall for a sexy-chic look. (forgot your hair product? you can use sunscreen in a pinch - just use less, so it's not too white or too greasy!)

hack #4

Pull hair up in a high pony, pull tight, then lift the hair and back comb with a paddle brush for a messy, textured pony that holds up in the heat.


XO, Flygirl Team

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