The Best Products For Your Hair

The best way to get great results from your hair care products:
Make sure you're using the right ones for your hair type!


Sounds like a no-brainer, but when we interviewed salon clients, we found almost 40% were using the wrong products for their hair type and not getting great results. So here's a simple rule of thumb to follow:

The finer and/or healthier your hair is, the more lightweight your products should be; For thick or coarse hair choose heavier cream-based products.

Some key tips:

1. Sulfate, paraben and residue-free shampoos and conditioners leave hair with more body, hydrating or moisturizing types are better for smoothing and de-volumizing.

Try bodifying styling products like our Intense Blowout serum which unlike mousse is powered by keratin proteins, not alcohol.

2. Sodium chloride-free shampos are best for dry, overprocessed or keratin-treated hair, much more so than just sulfate-free. (Check out our Marshmallow Creme and you'll see what we mean!)

3. Curly hair needs more moisture to smooth and define - the less hydrating your products the frissier you'll tend to be.

4. Get into 'dry styling' to save from striping the hair by washing too often. More products are being deveoped for use on dry hair, not wet for better and longer-lasting results. 

Dry shampoo's set and extend your blowout (use before and after blow-drying) and dry spray volumizers add more volume that wet-use products.

Lastly, use less of your shine serum or leave-in conditioner (about 1/4 the amount) on dry hair mid-ends - it will fight frizz better!


Flygirl Beauty Team

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