Simple beach hair hacks using just your sunscreen as a styler

Simple beach hair hacks, using just your sunscreen as a styler!
Using your sunscreen double-duty as a styling product lightens up your beach bag and protects your hair while keeping it sleek, smooth and away from your face
Eliminate the frizz and protect your scalp:
Apply a drop of spf cream or oil to your fingertips and massage into the hair around your hairline and at the part, to smooth hairline frizzies and protect these sensitive areas from sunburn.
Add shine with spf:
While tanning oils can be too greasy for regular use as a shine serum, they work great in humidity and heat for a sleek beach wave and will protect your color too: place a few drops on your palms and work into damp hair. Take 1-2 inch sections and twist around your finger into a coil, working from one side to the other. When done, let coils set, then flip head over and finger comb or shake out lightly at the root for a glossy, textured beach wave that won't frizz.
Surfer-chic beach braids:
Using a dollop of spf cream for hold, braid hair across the front half of your head, starting above one ear and working your way across the top to the other side. Let the braid hang over one shoulder and leave the back wavy and loose. Or, pick random sections here and there and weave thin braids in between your beach waves for a relaxed boho beach look.
A sleek beachy twist:
After working through a dab of sunscreen cream for texture, part hair down the middle comb straight down, then twist away from the face, adding sections and working your way toward the nape of the neck. Combine both sides into one and secure with a pony band, either at the tip for a soother, all the way down twist, or higher up leaving ends loose and wavy.
Add a summery top-knot to your beach waves:
After swimming or surfing, towel-dry then mist a bit of spf pray through the mid-shaft and ends of your hair. Pull the front half  up toward the back of the crown, letting a few strands fall loosely around the face. Twist the hair and then wrap into a loose top-knot, securing with a band. Scrunch or finger-twist the hair around face and down the back for a pretty, messy 'do that holds up in humidity and heat.
XO  Flygirl Beauty Team

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