Our Secret To Getting A Week Out Of Your Blow Out (or how to extend it as long as you possibly can!)

Here's what we do when we're on the road and need days of good hair (but no time to style & re-blow it): Plan ahead - create a 'look book' for the week and rock glamorous, from sleek to tousled and back again!
Days 1-2: Start smooth & sleek: 
  • day 1- get a fresh, smooth & straight blow out
  • day 2 - Place a few spritzes of dry shampoo on your fingers, flip head and fluff roots, then smooth leave-in conditioner over the ends to refresh original blowout, retouching lightly with flat iron if needed.
Day 3: Start to go 'au natural':
  • day 3- your hair will start to transition into a wavier texture by day 3 - don't fight it! Lightly dry shampoo the roots & then add a palmful of your leave-in conditioner (we love Flygirls' Instant Beauty Balm because it never gets oily or tacky, no matter how much you use) working thru mid-shaft and ends, and squeezing or 'scrunching' hair into texture-y natural looking waves. 
Days 4-5: Add texture & tousle:                    
  • day 4 - flip head over, spray dry shampoo really liberally through roots for a super textured finish and shake hair out. Flip head back over and use a wand or curling iron to add additional texture and body through mid-shaft and ends. 
  • day 5 - pull crown up into a sexy top knot, secure with a decorative cuff and retouch wavy ends with wand if needed.
Day 6: Up and away:
  • Brush hair through thoroughly to distribute natural oils and create a smooth finish. Pull hair into a sleek pony or bun, smoothing fly-aways around hairline or dry looking ends with your leave-in conditioner if needed. Or braid the mid-section, leaving ends wavy.
Day 7: start over!

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