How-To: Big, Sexy Holiday Curls

A statement-making style this holiday season—think big curls that wouldn’t dare fall flat before the party is over. In only 5 quick steps. 

Here's how »

After blow drying smooth with Flygirls' Intense Blow Out hold & set serum:

1. Section hair into one-inch squares, working off of a center part. 

2. Wrap each around your curl wand for 20 seconds, then roll up and pin into place. Mist lightly with texture or hold spray with hair spray and let set while you apply your holiday makeup.

3. Unpin and brush out curls with a soft brush, then flip head over and lift sections while applying dry shampoo or texture spray to the root area for added volume. 

4. Lastly, flip head back up, shake hair out and finger-comb bog soft curls into place. 

5. on girlfriend!



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