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Color: We'll be seeing a lot of cool icy blondes and coppery reds and slick fashion colors created freehand with hair painting, balayage and babylights techniques.

Cut: The lob is still hot, as are blunt cuts with the back shorter than the front. 

Texture: Embrace and enhance your texture! Texture-perms are here again - waves, curls & twist crimps are the new go-to service. 

The Knot: Tiny braids or deep waves with a top knot is the go to fall look! (yes, girls CAN rock a man bun) Pull the knot around to the back loose and messy or tight and intricate on top. 

Styling Tip: A done" but "undone" look still reigns supreme! Imperfections are always welcome this fall! Braid your hair the night before and undo it on the train on the way to work for a simple but super sexy textured 'bed head' look. 

The Part: Wear a center part for a softer look OR create a dramatic side part to show the world the independent empowered woman you are!

 - by Jess Taylor, Brand Ambassador Stylist, Flygirl Beauty 

Color: The double-process blonde is back, but blondes go deeper: cool off with iridescent violets and pale citrine tones, or warm up with raspberry pink and deep yellow. On brunette hair, add tangerine or strawberry instead of last years' caramel hue to warm it, or a blue lowlight to cool off and add dimension to your color.

Cut & Texture: Choppy, short and cropped cuts are back, rocked with strong color. Texture is the key; blunt razored and disconnected layers add depth and movement. For those who prefer a flat straight look, a choppy blunt edge adds modernity

Styling: Heavier product use and moist, dewy finishes will rule the runways: pomades. Balms, creme's and glosses and leave-in conditioners are the go-to products this season with heavier application techniques and product layering.

Style Tips:

  • Twisty Texture: work thru your products from root to tip; we recommend at least 2-3, for example a leave-in, then balm & gloss together. Take large vertical sections, and twist hair counterclockwise away from the face, or clockwise toward the face. Leave sections to dry naturally, or squeeze/scrunch with a diffuser to dry more quickly. When almost dry (hair will dry about 95%) flip head over and shake out at the roots with your fingertips to break up the 'waves'.
  • The Cool Girls'Top Knot: take about a 3-4" wide squared-off section on the top (from right temple back to top of crown, across and back to left temple) and smooth back away from the face. At top of crown twist the hair to create a base, then wind the length around itself into a small bun and secure with a band, leaving bottom and back wavy & textured or sleek and straight.. For work or evening, add a decorative cuff around the topknot base to dress it up!

Product Tips: Our stylists’ fave picks to achieve this seasons' looks: Flygirls' Instant Beauty Balm leave-in conditioning creme, Beach Balm Texture Creme, Hi-Gloss Serum, and Instant Replay Dry Shampoo (launching later this fall). Some 'secret' Flygirl product blends:

  • For Light Texture: apply a layer of Instant beauty Balm (or any leave-in conditioner) followed by a 'cocktail' of Beach Balm Texture Creme or light pomade mixed with a few drops of Hi-Gloss Serum.
  •  For A Grittier Texture: Holding can 8-10 inches away, spray some Instant Replay (or other dry shampoo) into your palm for about 10 seconds, or until you create about a dime to quarter sized amount of powdery white cream. Add a dollop of Instant beauty Balm or leave-in conditioner (for medium texture), OR Beach BalmTexture Creme or your fave pomade (for thicker texture). Massage together and work through hair for a gritty, sexy texture.

 - by Lisa Abbey, CEO Flygirl Beauty

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