8 Beauty Trends We’ll Love in 2017

By Jenn Sinrich January 5, 2017

Beauty trends in 2016 are all about taking risks and stepping outside the box and, according to the gurus, 2017 doesn’t appear to be any less daring and dazzling. Fashion Week has set the stage, showcasing the bold and beautiful looks to come. We caught up with some of the biggest beauty experts in the industry to find out what trends we can look forward to in the months to come.  

Wet-looking hair

Texture played a key role in 2016 and it’s staying in 2017—with an emphasis on wet, gritty and even ropy looks ruling the runways. But this style isn’t achieved simply by walking out of the house with soaking, just-showered hair, nor by loading strands up with tons of gel like the “scrunch” look some of us relied on back in middle school. “The best way to rock the ‘un-dry look’ is with a careful balance of leave-in conditioners, pomades and slick cremes to add more texture,” Lisa Abbey, CEO and founder of Flygirl Beauty Brand, says. “Then, we’re seeing the hair slicked back in ponytails or top buns.” We have to admit, a wash-and-go style is certainly easy to pull off after the gym!

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