5 Quick, Simple Tips To Heal Dry Hair and Scalp

Winter is the worst for dry hair and scalp, even if you don't normally suffer from itching and flaking.

If your scalp feels dry and tight, your hair looks dry and static-y, or even worse, you itch or see tiny flakes (ughh!) follow these tips and bring your hair and scalp back to the shiny, healthy and hydrated state they should be in:

1. Condition the scalp: Your scalp is skin too, and it needs moisturizing just like the rest of your body, especially in winter.  If you're using the right conditioner, it won't weigh your hair down or grease up your roots. Stylists Tip: try a protein based conditioner, like Flygirls' Pure Condition to detangle, hydrate add shine and smooth flyaways, without weighing hair down or flattening the roots.

2. Condition, then shampoo: Did you know your hair (and scalp) will absorb and hold moisture better if you condition before you shampoo? It's true; the ph of shampoo locks down the hair and traps pre-conditioning inside the cuticle, where you need it most. Stylists Tip: condition the mid-to ends again after shampoo for extra hydration if you hair is super dry, static-y or tangles easily.

3. Massage the scalp: Massaging while you have your conditioner and shampoo on stimulate the scalp, lifts more residue from the root area, like oils and dry shampoo buildup and  removes dry skin and flakes. it feels great too! Stylists Tip: Do an awesome massage with your conditioner on, then comb through before rinsing for extra detangling.

4. use a wet brush: Wet brushes are great to use in-shower to stimulate the scalp, revitalize the hair and comb through lengths gently, without risking damage or breakage.

5. Use a humidifier: It's great for your skin too! It's a spa-like hydrating dose of moisture all night long, and helps keep hair and scalp extra healthy and elastic so hair won't split, or snap as easily. 

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