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How To Control Hair Static ASAP! -

“Static electricity in the hair is caused by a few main factors,” says Lisa Abbey, founder|CEO of 'On The Fly' and 'Strength x Beauty' hair care brands. “Low humidity in the air is a main factor, which is why it’s so common in fall and winter or dry climates. An absence of moisture in the hair also contributes to the amount of static you’ll have. Also, fine or thinning hair is more ‘lightweight’ and therefore more prone to static. Those with drier hair types and colored-treated hair typically also experience more static than those with healthy hair.”  But not to worry -  we've got some simple ways to eliminate static ASAP:

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Women Are Our Heroes

Woman, you are our hero. Strong and always beautiful, you are the center of our universe. This month let's do something great, together!

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